To My Teacher’s & Mentor’s With Love

Learnt many things in life being ‘Eklavya’. Thanks to all those ‘Dronacharya’ I came across.

The Reflection Success or Stress Choose Wisely

Well today I am sharing this article as a small dedication from my mentors and writing from there prospective about the qualities I have learned from them. For me it’s difficult to put it in words about the importance of their roles in sharpening up my life therefore just a honest try to put few things I learned in words.

Well the only thing which I learned and helped me grow in my life was Mentoring. It’s very important to have mentors in life who can nurture you and convert you from raw material to an awesome product.

Compassion, patience, preservance, ability; thy name is a Mentor

However I believe that we all are students in this world so keeping myself as a student I am writing and dedicating this post to my mentors.

This is what I have learned from my mentors and when I coach people I try to inculcate the same points in their system.

If I have to sum it up I have learned the following key points from them at different stages

Support, encouragement, friendship – Well we all need to be supportive in our lives no matter what role we are playing. The person who can encourage others towards reaching their goals will always succeed in any form of work because he has the art of creating leaders. A mentor who can scold you as a critic and support you as friend is the biggest asset towards the success you can achieve in your life.

Help with teaching strategies/subject knowledge: Many a times in life we get stuck into situations where we need an expert advice to get out of it. A good mentor is always ready to coach and impart the subject knowledge which we lack and help us in understanding & creating the strategies.

Discussing, sharing ideas –It’s important to have a vision and a dream. However it’s more important to have a Mentor with whom you can share your ideas and discuss its pros and cons .I always say no idea in this world is useless but it depend on the person with whom you shared that idea.

Feedback, constructive criticism – Criticism is something which you can get for free from any person but constructive criticism which will help you in growing will always comes from a person who care about your growth and it’s your Mentor.

Career affirmation, advancement, commitment – for all these factors in this competitive world we need right people to guide us, sometimes when we don’t have a mentor we fall for the traps and later we realize the old quote All that glitters is not gold

Reflection –This is the most important point and I proudly say I am the reflection of my mentors. They were never interested to influence me but they were interested in sharpening my skills and abilities and to become a leader like them. They all are great leaders however I am still just a leader who is just a reflection of those great individuals who made me realized the best art you can teach anyone is the art of mentoring ; creating leaders.

“Better Than A Thousand Days Of Diligent Study Is One Day With A Great Mentor…”

My book The Reflection Success or Stress Choose Wisely is dedicated to the teachings & knowledge which I have learned from all these great personalities & how it has helped me shaped my life towards Peaceful Progress & helping others.

“If I hadn’t had mentors, I wouldn’t be here today. I’m a product of great mentoring, great coaching


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