Aneeksha- Bringing happiness, Spreading Smiles & Igniting Belief

Hi Friends I am here talking about an initiative started by B.CRETA Foundation where we are planning to support & spread happiness this Diwali & New Year in the life of those community members & poor kids who are not financially strong enough to enjoy with the same privileges’ like you and me.

B.CRETA Foundation initiative Aneeksha is to provide and ignite the sense of happiness and smiles in their life.

We have planned to distribute Crackers, Sweets, & new clothes to 1 lakh + kids & poor families living on streets, juggis & daily wages workers.

I am here to generate funds for the same your help can bring joy & smiles in their lives

You can donate any sum of money for this cause and we will be more than happy to share about your contribution & also will share the pictures of those moments where your contribution has brought a smile & became a reason of Joy for someone who was in need.

We want to make them believe and follow that

“God has planted a seed in you. Believe in Him and you will sprout beautifully for Him.”

Estimated budget per family

A pack of Eco friendly Crackers –Rs,500 ( till Diwali)

1kg Sweet –Rs.280

Clothes – Rs 1100 per family

Ration & Food- Rs. 500 per family

Our target is to reach to 500 families and 2lakh kids force to work or beg instead of studying. Gratitude

Your Small Contribution will help in spreading smiles join us in our mission to spread smiles our campaign This Diwali & New Year #Spreadingsmiles 

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