My Book The Reflection Success or Stress “Choose Wisely”-Raising Funds for poor students education-

Hi Everyone, Author Abhishek Shukla has launched his new book, The Reflection “Success or Stress”… Choose Wisely Which is now available on Amazon This book is a reflection of author’s life packed with valuable lessons learnt from celebrity mentors and professional gurus in his life. With this book get to know why the teachings of his mentors were so special that he decided to pen down a book and keep it till eternity.


This book has been written in a unique and simple way. Every teaching has been explained in simple words clubbed with a beautiful story to help us to learn the desired lesson in the best possible way.

These teachings and inspiration are worth applying in our lives. They have helped a boxer to achieve his life’s goals, gave strength to fight with his prolonged disease which once had taken a toll on him and gave him a partial paralysis attack. The disease is still so much there in him, troubling day and night but he has love and prayers of his family, motivation of his mentors and gurus which has made him to stand back on his feet, these learning have supported him to throughout his thick and thins of life.

This book is the reflection of author’s struggle and success in life so far, which has some real life incidents, lessons learnt from mentors and professional gurus from growing up to growing old. You will get to read many interesting phases of author’s life; some occurred to let him down, some occurred to give him strength, strength when it was most required, the time when author was battling with life.

He dedicate it to all his mentors  Anupam Kher ,Dr.Kiran bedi, Gerry Roberts, Suhel Seth and more

The chapters are clubbed with a beautiful story which can help you inculcate the thought in the best possible way for rest of your life. Remember folk’s life is all about storytelling and it depends on us how we shape the future of coming generations. Either we can show them the path towards Peaceful progress or we can force them also towards stressful success.

You will find significant breakthroughs to live a life of your choice.

Life is not to forget but to forgive, not to see but understand, not to hear but to listen, not to let go but HOLD ON!!! A serious disappointment might be a blessing in disguise, who knows. Always learn how to make the best of every situation.

All the amount collected from the sale of this book will be contributed to B CRETA FOUNDATION to support over 500 young kids for life long Education. I will request all my friends, bloggers & readers to Support me in this noble cause by purchasing or sharing it with those who want to contribute in this noble deed.

I will request you all to please support in raising funds as it will help them to continue there education & attain success in life.

Thanks & Regards,

Abhishek ShuklaIf we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow”
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