Well Done is better than Well Said -You Create Your own Path

Opportunity comes to everyone it depends on you whether you take it or leave it. Learn to take risks and play hard because at the end you’d be thankful for your struggle.”
Abhishek Shukla, The Reflection “Success or Stress”Choose Wisely

Hi friends i will keep it short and simple the most important factor i have learned from my mentor for being successful and content in life  is to ignore everyone and follow your dreams.”Don’t let others define you with what they tell you to do and not to.

Even if your dreams fail, you’ll feel proud you gave it your all to accomplish them. Dreamers fail every now and then, but they also learn more in life. You learn from failure.  So, dust yourself off and try it againIt’s your life, live it under your terms!

Simple rules in Simple Words 

Be Passionate– Its very important to be passionate about what you do and how you do it. You may have all the resources of the world but if you don’t have passion you will never be able to achieve what you dreamt for.

Be a Risk Taker– This can be very difficult if you aren’t in an environment where it is accepted.  Making mistakes and learning from them will make you the best. If you have faith in an idea or on a concept just go for it there is no use delaying or dropping it based on someone else perception. Take risk no matter what result it may bring just do it.

Invest in and surround yourself with Positive Friends not Drama Queens

Well the line itself self explanatory however in simple words Don’t Suffer Fools.

Be the same person in public that you are in private.  Remember what you practice that only you can preach. So don’t try to impress people with fake personalities or some other sort of techniques. Always be yourself change for better not to impress others .Winston Churchill said and I quote” The only person you have to be popular is your wife”. So stop impressing others and be the best version of who you are.

Be patient with people.

Respect everyone individuality. Often we see leaders try to solve each and every conflict. However my mentor uses to says, “You’ll be amazed at what will fix itself, if you leave it alone.”

“Even if you’re 99% right, and they are 1% right, the conflict will end up in 50-50% fight.” Dealing with interpersonal conflict and disagreement is a necessary part of leadership, but the wise leader will engage conflict with patience and grace. We should remember that any time we engage in direct conflict intervention with someone, we will leave the conflict with bruises and scars.

Always learn. Be humble enough to admit you don’t know everything .No matter how many years you have spend at a position there is always something which you may not be aware of .So keep on learning with grace and gratitude.

Be focused

Be focused towards your goals in life. There may be lots of distractions which can come up in your life, don’t run from them but don’t allow them to change your focus from your goals.

Some people aren’t like you

Learn the art of managing people who are different than you. Everyone will not have same approach like you. They may not be having same skillets which you pose but you need to know how to manage people as per their skills and you will get the best results in life.

Anyone can have a big idea

Be flexible and give respect to every individual you meet. You don’t know whose idea can turn into a revolutionary product in future. Respect everyone views and value their opinion.

Admit your faults Learn to admit you faults no one is perfect and even after years of experience you may make mistakes instead of shifting the responsibility from your head to someone else or blaming others learn to admit and keep improving yourself as a leader


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